Why Buy LED Stage Lights?

High Powered LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology means that we can now use these eco-efficient and low carbon footprint lights in theater shows, live music venues and corporate shows. LED fixtures have many advantages over “old fashioned” lanterns that make them extremely attractive for all forms of stage lighting. 

• Low Power Consumption – Because the LED uses a fraction of the power of a normal lightbulb (lamp), the power cost of LED lighting fixtures is very small. This means you can use a lot of fixtures while using very little power. This is great for small band lighting rigs and church venues.

• Low Heat Radiation – Although LED stage lighting does produce some heat, the heat generated is far less than traditional stage lanterns.  This increases the comfort of the performers, and audience while also reducing your cooling costs.

• Lightweight and Portable – LED fixtures are typically far lighter and more portable than traditional lights. 

• Color Effects – The most common way for LED lights to be used for stage lighting purposes is using a combination of different colored LEDs. A fixture with all three primary colors ( Red, Green and Blue) LEDs blended together in different combinations gives the lighting designer endless color choices. Using a principle called Additive Color Mixing, the colored LEDs mix on any surface that reflects the light to create an endless combination of colors and effects.

• Small and Compact – LED lighting fixtures are made in small, discreet packages which suit applications where size and brightness are important.

• High Brightness – This really comes down to the ratio of light brightness to power consumption. The new high powered LEDs are very bright while consuming a very small amount of electrical power.


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